Zeta Chants & Poems


What an AKA aint
What a Delta Wants to be
What a GAMMA RHO can't!
What the QUES adore
What the ALPHAS love,
What PHI BETA SIGMA can't get enough of!

He's Not Your Brother

He's not your frat.

You're not related,

So stop all that

If you weren't founded

One by the other,

He's not your bro, he's not your frat, he's not your brother. 

If you wear red, (OOOOO-OOOOPs)

And he wears gold (Q-Bark)

He's not your brother

Haven't you been told?

If you do this (Sigma Rho sign)

And he does that (Kappa sign)

He's not your brother, he's not your bro, he's not your frat.

 If you're a pearl, (skeee-wee)

And he's a jewel, (06)

He's not your brother,

You silly fool

We're here to tell you

One simple fact

That we're the sorors

That have true frat.


Z-E-T-A P-H-I,
Zeta Phi Beta 'til the day that I die.
There will be no SKee,
No Weee,
I'm Just a Devastating Lady
Of Z-Phi-B!!!!



I looked to my left,
tell me who's standing supreme
It was the BLUE and the WHITE and not the PINK and GREEN
I looked up ahead
tell me who's standing bold
It was the BLUE and the WHITE and not the BLUE and GOLD
I looked to my right
tell me who's did I see
It was the BLUE and the White and not the Crimson and CREAM


Did You Hear That?

I said My Sorors, did you hear it? Hear what?

The sound of those AKAs I said they're hurting my head with that A-aching sound I said 'Skee-wee'as they skate all around AKAs hands in the air, thinking they're all that But they don't understand that Pink and Green don't even match


 I said my Sorors, did you hear it? Hear what? The sound of those SGRhos...ssshhhhh.... No matter what we do No matter where we go You'll never hear a sound from a SGRho


 I said my Sorors, did you hear it? Hear what? The sound of those DSTs I said Oo-oops, they pledged the wrong sorority With that mistaking sound and their damn geometry

And to make matters worse they used to be AKAs DST was weak then and they're still weak today


 I said my Sorors, we sound SO good today,

but then a Zeta lady sounds good EVERY DAY!



You Know Those... You know those AKAs, better known as Federal Express

Because they got their letters in three days or less.


 You know those Deltas, they think they got it goin' on

Because they have more members than the nation of Islam

They don't even know each other How in the hell could this be?

Because I saw one at the Union, and she Oo-ooped me!


 You know those outcasts in the Blue and Gold

Their letters aren't real, because the SIGMA they STOLE!


I am the finer woman
I am a lady of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
I am the heart of a Sigma
The vital rib created from his side
If virtue and sisterly love is what you seek
Strive for perfection


Five Pearls of Wisdom

(Dedicated to the memory of the founders of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.)

There were five unique women
Who started the journey down this road
On the shoulders of those five women
Bore Zeta's first heavy load
Not once did they waiver
Or ever turn around
They taught us that a true lady of Zeta
Always stands her ground

No matter the odds, no matter the tests
Those special women taught us
To always put forth our best

Zeta was something inside
That they truly loved
Something that they knew
They would always be proud of

Now every Zeta must strive
To live the lives that they showed
For the things that they knew
We now know

Like the sky shall always be Blue
The Pearly Gates shall always be White
And when I- like my Pearls
Close my dying eyes to darkness
I shall not fear
For they help to lead me down the path
Of God that is right
I have been led by the knowledge
Of the Zeta Light

I will not stand before my maker
Hanging my head down in shame
Because I know five Zetas in Heaven
Made sure that He would be proud
To sign my name
Composed By Soror Calandra Jefferson-Anderson

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